Dinner Menu

Kitchen from 5:30 – 10 pm


Three course menu (own choice)

Starter, main course, dessert

€ 38,50

Four course menu (own choice)

€ 44,50

Aperitif of the month

Brüdigams social plum,

Wodka, homemade plum and thyme sirup, mint and tonic

€ 10,50


Bouillon of red onion with "Greyerzer" cheese croutons

€ 9,00

Bonded poultry creme soup with pumpernickel

€ 9,00

Brüdigams salad

with Skewers of raz el hanout chicken and grilled salmon trout

€ 10,50 / € 18,50 (main course)

Brüdigams salad vegetarian

with poached egg and gratinated goat cheese

€ 9,50 / € 17,50 (main course)

Grilled Scallop with

green cabbage pomegranade salad and quinoa

€ 10,50

Carpaccio of beet root

with arabic flavours and gratinated goat cheese from the oven

€ 9,50

Olives ravioli in lemon and thyme butter with,

cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and "Kalamata" olives

€ 9.50 (€ 17.50 main course)

Main course

Goatcheese-apple burger with sweetpotato fries and small mixed salad

€ 19,50

Filet of catfish with sugar beet syrup,

potato green onion ragout with apples and roasted nuts

€ 22,50

"Szegediner" goulash of Kaakser boar with

herb sour cream and roasted potatoes

€ 23,50

Filet tips of Parma pork in brandy and pepper-sauce

with tagliatelle and root vegetables

€ 23,50

Grilled black feather chicken

with ginger risotto and "lila Luder"

€ 22,50

Filetsteak of the beef with

portwine jus, sweet potato fries and violet sweetcabbage

€ 27,50(+ € 4,50 on menu)

Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and grandma’s cucumber salad

€ 22,50

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you like vegetarian or vegan alternatvies or if you have some food intolerances. And please ask us for additional offers.


Crêpe-Caneloni filled with poppy seed, almond paste, quark and spicy oranges

€ 9,00

Apple rosmary granité with prosecco and almonds

€ 8,00

Café Gourmand, Espresso, egg liqueur, Kaiserschmarrn and cherries

€ 9,00

Chocolate Malheur with mango-chili compote and vanilla ice cream

€ 9,50

Raw milk cheese variation from the Holstein region

with fig mustard and caramelized hazelnuts

€ 10,50

Monday 16 March 2020