Dinner Menu

Kitchen from 5:30 – 10 pm


Three course menu (own choice)

Starter, main course, dessert

€ 39,50

Four course menu (own choice)

€ 45,50

Aperitif of the month

Brüdigams Apricot Bellini

Selfmade apricotsyrup with Prosecco and ice


Brüdigams starter variatin for two person

Goat cheese strudel, veal tartare, graved beetroot-salmon, wasabi-cucumber-shot

€ 19,00

Tomato lentil soup with apple-chutney and baked ox-praline

€ 9,50

Celery-pear-cream-soup with oven beetroot

€ 9,00

Goat cheese sturdel with marinated pumpkin,

lamb's lettuce and pomegranate seeds

€ 10,50

Graved beetroot-salmon with corn cakes

and wasabi-cucumber-shot

€ 11,50

Veal tartare with french fries and salad

€ 14,50

Fig ravioli with tomato sauce and goat cheese

€ 9,50 (as main course 17,50)

Main course

Goatcheese apple burger

with sweet potato fries, fig mustard and a green salad

€ 19,50

Saltimbocca of cod an parma ham

with Sardinian risotto and rocket Topping

€ 23,50

Braised veal beef with portwine jus,

"purple slut" from the oven mashed fried potatoes

€ 23,50

Fillet tips "Stroganoff" from Husum beef with pappardelle

€ 24,50

Fillet of Parma pork with roasted ham, Plum jus,

Brussels sprouts and pumpkin dumplings

€ 22,50

Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and grandma’s cucumber salad

€ 21,50

(with creamy mushroom + € 4,00)

Steak frites

Entrecôte with Jus, French fries and side salad

€ 25,50


Mango-basil-sorbet with fresh berries and prosecco

€ 9,00

Tarte tatin with yogurtice, honey and walnuts

€ 9,00

Pistachio parfait with stewed plums

€ 9,50

Rawmilk Cheese from the Holstein region with roasted nuts and fig mustard

€ 11,00

Chocolate Malheur with blackberry ragout and vanilla ice cream

€ 9,50