Dinner Menu

Kitchen from 5:30 – 10 pm


Three course menu (own choice)

Starter, main course, dessert

€ 38,50

Four course menu (own choice)

€ 44,50


Consomme of black feather chicken with porcino ravioli and vegetables

€ 9,00

Celery and pear soup with praline of beef

€ 9,00

Brüdigams salad with

Rillette of black feather chicken and grilled salmon trout

€ 10,50 / € 18,50 (main course)

Brüdigams salad vegetarian

with poached egg and gratinated goat cheese

€ 9,50 / € 17,50 (main course)

With gin stained salmon on pointed cabbage

and mandarin salad with yoghurt and hazelnut pesto

€ 10,50

Carpaccio of beet root

with arabic flavours and gratinated goat cheese from the oven

€ 9,50

Olive ravioli in lemon-thyme-butter with spinach,

cherrytomatoes and gorgonzola

€ 9.50 (€ 17.50 main course)

Main course

Goatcheese-apple burger with sweetpotato fries and small mixed salad

€ 19,50

Rolls of lemon sole with fried green cabbage,

beluga lentils and creamy black salsify

€ 22,50

In redwine braised ox cheeks

dried plum jus, mashed potatoes and slices of hokkaido pumpkin

€ 23,50

Filet tips from beef in a brandy-pepper-sauce

with tagliatelle and seasonable vegetables

€ 23,50

Club of moscovy duck with mulled wine jus,

apple red cabbage and potato dumpling

€ 22,50

Steak of the calfs back with a herb-mustard crust,

portwine jus, truffled fries and vegetables from the oven

€ 25,50 (im Menü + 3,00€)

Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and grandma’s cucumber salad

€ 22,50

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you like vegetarian or vegan alternatvies or if you have some food intolerances. And please ask us for additional offers.


Nougat parfait with rum truffle and rosemary cherries

€ 8,50

Blood orange sorbet with marinated lemon fruits and prosecco

€ 8,00

Chocolate Malheur with pineapple compote and vanilla ice cream

€ 9,50

Café gourmant

(Espresso, egg liquor, spiced apricots and baked slice of grit

€ 9,00

Raw milk cheese variation from the Holstein region

with fig mustard and caramelized walnuts

€ 10,50

Saturday 16 November 2019