Dinner Menu

Kitchen from 17:30 – 22 Uhr


Three course menu (own choice)

Starter, main course, dessert

€ 36,50

Four course menu (own choice)

€ 42,50


Hokkaido-Pumpkin apple soup with curry and styrian pumpkin seed oil

€ 9,00

Bouillon of blackfeather-chicken with pecorino-figravioli

€ 9,00

Mixed Salad of the season

with gratinated goat cheese and marinated sweetpepper

€ 10,50 /

Cheeks of monkfish with lentilsalad,

herb cream and tomatopesto

€ 10,50

Red onions and peartarte with thyme,

mountain cheese and lambs lettuce

€ 9,50

Pecoriniravioli with cherrytomatoes,

artichokes, bacon and whitewinesauce

€ 9,50 / 16,50 (main course)

Main course

Goatcheese-apple burger with sweetpotatoes fries

and a small mixed salad

€ 19,50

Filet of halibut wrapt in serrano ham on sauerkraut with

roasted potatoes and white wine sauce

€ 20,50

Beef filet tips in brandy-pepper creamsauce with pappardelle

and carrots from the oven

€ 21,50

Half of a poussin of Hamburg out of the oven on mashed potatoes

with hokkaido pumpkin wedges and portwinejus

€ 20,50

Goulash of wild boar from local hunting grounds

with wild mushrooms, cranberries, parsnips from the oven and butter spaetzle

€ 20,50

Irish flanksteak with french fries

and mushroom leek vegetable

€ 21,50

Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes

and grandma’s cucumber salad

€ 20,50


Apple strudel of "Altländer Herbstprinz" with curdcheese parfait

€ 8,50

Campari-Orangesorbet with pomegranate, mint and prosecco

€ 8,50

Chocolate Malheur with apricot ragout and vanilla ice cream

€ 9,00

Raw milk cheese variation from the Holstein region

with fig mustard and caramelized walnuts

€ 9,50



Daily changes of the menu are possible.


Freitag, 21. September 2018