Dinner Menu

Kitchen from 18 – 22 Uhr


Three course menu (own choice)

Starter, main course, dessert

€ 36,50

Four course menu (own choice)

€ 42,50


English peas soup with mint and merlot plums wrapt in bacon

€ 9,00

Boiled beef bouillon with porcini ravioli

€ 9,00

Brüdigams Salad – with Raz el Hanout poultry skewer and salmond

Goat cheese from the oven on turnip cabbage carpaccio with watermelon

€ 9,50

Duet of wild prawn and monkfish on apricot-chanterelles salad and chives creme fraiche

€ 10,50

Risotto parmesan balls with grilled zucchini and pesto of dried tomatoes

€ 9,50 / 19,50 (main course)

Main course

Goatcheese-apple burger with sweetpotatoes fries, fig mustard and

a small mixed salad

€ 19,50

"Mecklenburger" filet of perch on orange thyme risotto and beet root carpaccio

€ 19,50

Beef filet tips in sage and brandy-pepper creamsauce with pappardelle

and carrots from the oven

€ 20,50

Club of lemon cornchicken on radish-vegetable with celery mash and portwinejus

€ 20,50

Beef braised in red wine on oriental pointed cabbage with chanterelles, shallots-truffles sauce and roasted potatoes

€ 21,50

Steak of duroc pig under a mustard herb crust with potato summer savoy cabbage mash

€ 20,50

Wiener Schnitzel with fried potatoes and grandma’s

cucumber salad

€ 20,50


Semolina-cottage cheese flummery with elderflower and currants

€ 8,50

Lemon-sorbet with blueberries, cucumber and gin

Chocolate Malheur with plum and vanilla ice cream

€ 9,00

Raw milk cheese variation from the Holstein region

with fig mustard and sweet olives

€ 9,50



Daily changes of the menu are possible.


Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018